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win2day Hockey O'Clock - 70 in 7 - Part 7

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With Greg Holst's 70th birthday on the horizon "70 in 7" dedicates seven episodes to seven decades of his hockey life, playing and coaching career. Part 7 takes you back to his 2nd stint as head coach in Villach, his career as a TV pundit and a lot of stories that haven't been told over the past 6 episodes.

70 in 7 - Part 7 - Section 1 (00:00:37)

70 in 7 - Part 7 - Stories that haven't been told so far (00:37:34)

70 in 7 - Part 7 - Section 2 (01:04:26)

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win2day Hockey O'Clock ist der Eishockey-Podcast über das österreichische Eishockey, die win2day ICE Hockey League aber auch internationale Eishockey-Ligen. In ausführlichen Interviews mit Tiefgang kommen Spieler, Trainer und Funktionäre im nationalen und internationalen Umfeld zu Wort.

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